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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A Bit Tricky When You Get Sticky on Your Wedding Day

Throwing confetti at your wedding comes from a Pagan tradition of throwing rice or grain over the couple to ward off any evil and to grant fertility!

Sticky tradition in the UK  

We see all types of confetti at weddings, but not rice or grain.  The tradition in the UK is pretty much paper confetti shapes, such as horseshoes and hearts.

Also rice paper is another option which says 'biodegradable' on the packet.  Sadly when it's thrown on wet grass it goes sticky!  Just like glue!  This not only gets stuck to your shoes but also gets stuck to your venue's floor.  Very messy. :(

Often this confetti is brought along to venues. Sadly guests are normally told it's not allowed as it's not bio-degradable and will leave an unsightly mess on the ground and indoors.

Such a shame as if that's all there is then there will be no confetti photograph😐😒

Our recommendation is for brides to buy Natural Confetti made from real flowers! It is beautiful and you will be sure to get that all important shot on your wedding day.

Let your guests know  

And if you do organise environmentally friendly confetti, remember to let your guests know you have organised it.

Photograph by Essential Images
This confetti is so pretty and can be colour coordinated with your wedding day colour scheme.

So if you don't want it all to be a bit tricky and sticky on your wedding day get Natural Confetti.

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