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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The forgotten bouquet - New Forest Wedding Photographers

Wedding venue  

Ringwood Registry Office - bride arrives.

Nothing unusual so far ..... beautiful bride, a little nervous, bridesmaids behind her.  Click, click go the photographers (us)

And then ...

we spot something missing - or maybe she doesn't have one?  A little difficult to broach the subject on a just in case basis!

Umm ....

tentatively I say 'do you have flowers'?

Send the car back ...

Oh no, the bouquet, we forgot the bouquet!  The car gets sent back ....fortunately not too far to go and managed to return in time for the bride to walk down the aisle!  Whew!

In her dreams ...

In the meantime, one little girl got a glimpse of something that may well be in her dreams.  Carry a bridal bouquet.  

You see the little girl was the driver's daughter and had been given the bouquet to hold on the journey back to Ringwood :)

With gentle persuasion I managed to get big brother to give his sister a quick hug for a very special picture before the bouquet was handed to its rightful owner. 


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