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Friday, 28 October 2016

It's the Little Things and an Autumn Wedding

I don't know about you, but I get really excited when my monthly magazine drops through the letterbox.

It did just that yesterday and I couldn't wait to sit and read it.

However, restraint was in order as I was still editing an Autumn wedding from 10 days ago.  
st johns church pretty windows
autumn wedding visited by robin
As you can see from the images above, the wedding had been a pleasure to edit, with such pretty Autumn colours, and in the lovely St John's Church, Boldre.  

But sometimes sitting at the computer for hours/days can give you slightly square eyes to say the least and a little respite is often necessary.  
As I always promise to get wedding images to our couples in 14 days, I have a couple of days to go and pretty much finished apart from finalising the slideshow.

It was 3pm now and I thought I deserved a cuppa and a read of that magazine.  Oh no, the wrist is tingling!  It's Fitbit 'let's go for a stroll'.  

I had obviously been sat on my bottom far too long.

Ok, ok I have two very important birthday cards to post so I'll have a 'stroll' like you say Fitbit.  Then I'm going to read my magazine.

Cards posted and now for the time out I had been promising myself.

With lots of talk about 'hygge' I thought I would turn this moment into a 'hygge' moment.

No better place than on my favourite seat in the garden.
time out with a hygge moment
It's the little things .....

Watch this space for this pretty bride 
and the amazing confetti from The Natural Confetti Company

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