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Friday, 27 November 2015

Why Should I Hire a Pro

Why should I hire a pro?

We have published this before, but we get told so

 many times, especially at wedding fayres, that friend, Aunt, Uncle, 

brother or sister is doing your wedding photography. 

We thought it might help you to understand if we published again.


Why should I hire a professional photographer for my wedding?
My friend is a photographer – she is in college studying

photography so she will be able to do my wedding photography

without a problem won’t she?



A professional wedding photographer will carry liability and

equipment insurance.    Some venues require proof of insurance

prior to a wedding.

Q:  Does your friend have insurance?


A professional will carry backup cameras, lens, cards and batteries

in the unlikely event of technical failure.

A good example:  we had been asked to photograph a member

of the Royal family on one occasion and, of course, there was a

newspaper photographer there too – he only carried one camera

and it seized up, it wouldn’t focus, consequently our photographs

went into the newspaper! 

Q:  How many cameras, cards, lens, batteries does your friend 



Professional photographers have many years of experience,

shooting many weddings and have gained qualifications in their


Q:  How many weddings has your friend photographed and what 

photography qualifications do they have?

It rained and rained!  But it didn't spoil a thing!
As professionals, photographers will ensure they have a backup

plan for wet weather to enable them to shoot groups and

bride and groom indoors where necessary.
We carry several variations of lighting to cope with any venue,

small or large.  Professionals get the photographs whatever the

weather - getting soaking wet for us is all part of the job!

Q:  Does your friend have a backup plan?


It is a professional photographer’s responsibility to record your day

for the number of hours you have hired them for, whether it be

from getting ready to first dance, or ceremony up to sitting down

for wedding breakfast…..knowing where to be, when to capture

those very important special moments that you will want to

remember forever!  They are not part of the guest list, simply there

to capture the day as it enfolds. 

Q:  Won’t your friend want to join in your celebrations?  

Our sons have married over recent years.  

Did we do their wedding photography?  

No!  We wanted to be part of their day and enjoy the moments!

Did we take a camera?  

Yes, of course we did but we allowed their hired photographer the 

space to do their job well! 

If you want your friend to go ahead and do your wedding

photography please both of you be sure to read this and go into it

with your eyes wide open!

Venue:  Rhinefield House Hotel  in the New Forest

Photographers:  Jan and Malcolm New Forest Photographers

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  1. I guess it would come down to the simple reason that it is your big day. You want those precious moments get captured and immortalize it thru photos. And I guess professional photographer could really do that.


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