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Friday, 5 December 2014

Will you marry me ............

'Will you marry me?' says Malcolm

Silence (to be totally honest with you I thought he was joking?)  You see we have known each other quite a long time and been together 16 years and suddenly a proposal!

'Well, give me an answer then' says Malcolm

I looked up at him and said 'Oh gosh you're being serious' (and peeked behind him to see if he had drunk any of that beer he had just poured!!)  No he hadn't!

Wow!  'Yes, of course I will'

Never mind the beer - let's have some champagne!

Having been wedding photographers for over 9 years you would have thought we would be rather experienced in weddings!  

Well, we are, of course, in the photography of weddings and what goes on from the time we arrive until the time we depart - YES totally!  

But I have to admit we were slightly inexperienced in the 'what happens before in order to arrange to get married!  

Malcolm telephoned the Registrar the next day to book and was asked whether we had a venue?   A venue?  Ah you mean we have to book that first?  Yikes!

I won't bore you with the rest of the details right now - suffice it to say we managed to get everything organised and got married 17 days later.

As recommended photographers of the
and being a wedding venue very close to our hearts, and local to us too, there was no other choice for our very small intimate wedding but this stunning wedding venue!

A sneak peek into our bridal suite!

Wedding venue

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Yep we were t'other side of the camera!
We got wed!

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