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Monday, 22 December 2014

Sometimes online shopping is what you need

So a proposal and then there was two weeks to plan our wedding!

Some of you are probably wondering why the rush?  

Well, you see we have known each other 18 years and have lived together for 16 of those.  We have been through a lot together in the last 5 years and now the time seemed right!

We have 8 sons between us who have either wives or girlfriends and my 4 sons have my adorable grandchildren.  They live all over the country and one of Malcolm's in Canada! To get everyone together would have been a mammoth task, meaning that maybe sometime in 2015 we could organise it?  

And what if one of them couldn't make it?  They would have been disappointed and we would have been devastated!

We spoke to all our children and hoped more than anything that they understood why we were doing it this way!  

For us though, now, the time was right and we just wanted to get married!

So it would be just the two of us and two very good friends as our witnesses for a very intimate wedding.

Being behind the camera at many weddings over the years, getting married ourselves was a whole new experience!  We actually felt a little naive as explained in an earlier post!  Once the wedding venue was booked and the Registrar (as we found out very quickly you must book the venue first and then the Registrar!) it was time to decide what to wear!

Sometimes online shopping is what you need! 

I found a dress immediately online at Next, which was delivered the very next day, which was a Sunday!  It fitted!

The shoes I had previously worn to one of my son's wedding matched perfectly, along with handbag so within two days I was almost done!
I thought as we were getting married at 4pm it may be a little chilly so I needed something for my shoulders at least.

Again online I went to look for a faux fur cape and amazingly found one at New Look, which was a dusky pink!  

Then I couldn't believe my luck when I found a necklace in Marks and Spencer with a little diamante heart which matched the clasp on shoes and handbag!  

Wow!  It all felt so right!

I had decided I didn't want any flowers as it was an expense we really could do without - but Malcolm insisted I should have something!

I had always admired the flowers at Yasmin in Lymington as not only had she done a beautiful bouquet for one of our bridal shoots, we had seen many of her flowers at weddings we had photographed.  

After a little online research for wrist corsage I found some great ideas and off I went to Yasmin Florist with my thoughts!
Along with the wrist corsage we decided to have a buttonhole for Malcolm and then one each for our two witnesses!

Those who know me will know that I love roses!  So it won't be a surprise to know that I wanted old fashioned roses!  They did a grand job at the florist as at this time of year old fashioned roses are very hard to get!
I have to tell you that the flowers smelled fab too!

Then we added just three little silver tumblers of flowers for the Registrar's table to go along side the lanterns provided by Careys Manor
Whew!  Malcolm had a burgundy colour tie so all was coming together! And as we thought our little wedding was surprise enough for the Registrars he decided to wear something to go with the tie!! :)  He found himself a suit in Marks and Spencer the day before the wedding!!!


Wedding venue booked 
Registrar booked
Outfits bought
Flowers sourced and ordered

What next?

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  1. The appetizers were plentiful and the drinks flowed - no one went hungry or wanting from here, and the charge set for liquor by wedding planner (as opposed to by consumption) meant that our thirsty friends were satisfied without breaking our bank.


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