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Monday, 13 October 2014

Sugar coated almonds ...

Confetti comes in all shapes and sizes and different countries throw different things and confetti means different things!



Small bits of paper, usually coloured, thrown or dropped from a height to

 enhance the fun of a festive event, such as a wedding or even a New

 Year's Eve party.


  "Confetti" is sugar coated almonds and usually 

 given out at

 weddings, often wrapped in a small organza bag and used 

as favours for the guests. The little bags of sweets are

 said to represent the hope

 that the new couple will have a fertile 


These days more and more venues only allow natural eco friendly 

confetti to protect the environment. 

The Natural Confetti Company make fabulous biodegradable dried 

confetti from real flower petals and can be bought online all year round.  

Visit The Natural Confetti Company for more information

Photography by Jan and Malcolm

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