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Sunday, 10 November 2013

No-one ever wants rain on their wedding day

That's right, no-one ever wants rain on their wedding day!  But we live in the UK and guess what?  You can't rely on the weather to be good no matter what time of year you get married!

We have had a few wet weddings this year and when your bride knows you have put together wet weather plans - there is absolutely no reason to worry!

When we sit down with our couples we discuss Plan B (wet wedding plan) and we all know exactly what will happen if the rain comes down!

I can quite honestly say that I have seen the wettest, soggiest brides smiling from ear to ear absolutely loving every minute of their wedding day!

  Our New Forest bride at our recent wet wedding smiled too!  
Here is a sneak peek!

The wedding car arrives in pouring rain and this was 11am!
Umbrellas at the ready for the very smiley bride!
And I said to the bride after the ceremony - 'be careful of your lovely dress' and she replied 'why Jan, I am only going to wear it once!' and she proceeded to smile from ear to ear!  She was so happy and didn't care about the rain at all!

More photos to follow with, believe it or not, some pretty confetti photographs too! :)

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