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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Getting ready for the big day - South Lawn Hotel

When we arrived at The South Lawn Hotel things were already starting to hot up!  The bride was getting ready for the big day! 

Anna from Simply B in Lymington was there skilfully applying makeup to the bride, mum of the bride and bridesmaids (not all at the same time you understand - she only has two hands!)

A couple of the bridesmaids had found space on the floor in the room and were applying nail varnish!  

It was really busy in this small room, which I must add the bridal party had been moved to because it was the coolest room in the hotel on a very hot day!

So I squeezed myself in with two cameras, lens and reflectors and got to work!

It was great fun!

Sometimes when there are so many people and colours in a hotel room a black and white conversion makes a better picture - so this one I have converted for that reason!
The view through the door gives you an idea as to how things were developing! :)
Ah, I think Mum of the bride and new hubbie were happy with the result!
The couple got married at Ashley Baptist Church in New Milton and the ceremony was so much fun!  It was so uplifting! 
And the look on the face of the groom in these images is so sweet!  I love capturing these moments :) And because there are two of us we can ensure we get all those very special pictures!

And I love this quote 'wherever your life takes you my heart shall also go' - I think it could be said by mum, dad, groom or bride!

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