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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Why a pre-wedding shoot - New Forest Wedding Photographers

I often get asked why a pre-wedding shoot?

And 'will it cost less if we don't have it?'  
It is free with us!  It is complimentary no matter what package you have! :)

Firstly, it is a great way of us getting to know each other - me to know how you feel when you are having your picture taken.  You to find out that you can relax in front of the camera and have fun.

Consequently you will get relaxed photographs on your wedding day because you won't be worrying about them!  And we all get a chance to talk about your wedding day and go over the details of the day!  
Love it!

And this is a sneak peek into the latest pre-wed shoot which took place in the New Forest in the cold and wet - but we all still had fun!

Most couples feel really nervous at first but always love it in the end!
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