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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Perfect in Every Way - New Forest Hotel

We have always thought the New Forest Hotel, Careys Manor, was perfect in every way as we have used the hotel on many occasions for photo shoots plus wedding photography.

However, we have never had the pleasure of staying there until last night!

With a full workload and not time for a proper holiday this year, and two more weddings coming up next week, a short break in a local hotel was just what we needed to recharge our batteries and as we always recommend Careys Manor Hotel, we thought what better place could there be to give ourselves some TLC. 

We certainly managed that!  We checked into a lovely room overlooking the gardens, which actually looked too comfortable to leave,  but we managed to tear ourselves away for an afternoon in the Spa!  
After the steam room, sauna, tropical showers, a fabulous spa pool and a swim I felt more like going to bed for a snooze than going down to the restaurant to eat!  Whew - as the song goes relax et vous! 

Well, I have to say that I am glad that I made the effort!  After an early evening drink and chatting in the bar we ate in the hotel's Manor Restaurant. The food was excellent and our waitress was a really sweet lady, professional and very attentive.

After a good sleep we managed to drag ourselves out of bed to go down for breakfast at 8.30am (that is late for us!)  Fresh fruit, yoghurt, croissants, cooked breakfast, oh my word far too much to start my day!   I decided on delicious fresh pineapple, melon with some yoghurt and to follow one slice of bacon and egg - oh and a sneaky croissant with honey complete with honeycomb! 

Malcolm on the other couldn't possibly tell you!  But he did have quite some time in the Spa the night before, of course, which must have burned some calories?  You don't think so?  Ah well it's ok we're back home now so back to just fresh fruit for breakfast, if he's lucky! :)

A perfect experience from beginning to end!  Thank you Careys Manor!

The trouble is I find I am a little laid back today - now why on earth could that be?!
The Careys Manor Hotel, Brockenhurst
A beautiful venue, in a lovely setting and perfect in every way.

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