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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New Forest Wedding Photographers in the dark!

Remember remember the 5th November! Well one couple surely will as they got wed in the lovely All Saints Church in Milford on Sea by candlelight! Very, very romantic and incredibly memorable. 

A sneak peak into a very romantic wedding!

We always arrive early for weddings as we like to get a few pics of the venue on the day and have a chat with the vicar and anyone involved in the setting up of the day and this time, evening.  

We arrived at All Saints Church in Milford on Sea at 16.15pm and the Church was bathed in a very warm early evening sun and we knew we could get a few pics of the couple prior to the ceremony.  No, I didn't get it wrong they were arriving together on this occasion.
All Saints Church Milford at 16.15pm 
We then went back into the Church ready for the entrance of the bride and groom and walked into total darkness, except for candles!  This was the most romantic candlelight setting!  It was 16.55pm and very dark!  Thank goodness the vicar had been allowed a mini light clipped to the sermon or she would have had to learn it off by heart!  

At 16.55pm very dark in the Church and all the lights had gone out!
We are natural light photographers and rarely use flash but on this occasion it may well have been a useful aid, not to spoil the ambience of the ceremony but just to lift faces with a little light! However,we weren't allowed! Whew, good job we have professional equipment to cope with any situation!  This truly was a need for our lowlight capability professional cameras!

We then went down to Milford Beach with the wedding party for the fireworks!  Well it was, of course, 5th November!

We didn't stay for the wedding breakfast, but went to take pics of the tables!  Wow!  What a set up!  It was the most professionally lit room I have ever seen!  Stunning!  

Pics to follow as soon as our romantic couple have seen them!  They are now away on a very romantic honeymoon!

This was a wedding to remember for a very long time.  

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