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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wedding Photographers New Forest

There's lots of retro and vintage wedding photography currently online.  Vintage blogs and retro photography websites.  We have been asked whether we do vintage.  Well, you know, if your wedding day is planned with a vintage or retro look, then we do vintage.  If you want a retro look to your photographs, we can do that too.

We certainly see some out of the ordinary traffic here at weddings in The New Forest and whenever we can, even if it is shooting through the windscreen of our car whilst following your wedding car (well the one of us who isn't driving you understand!) As there are two of us it means that we can capture all these moments and details telling the story of your wedding day.

I thought it would be a bit of fun to show some vintage or retro look pics from recent weddings!
Wedding at Lillibrooke Manor.  This quaint old caravan made for a great picture with the bride and groom.

We saw this steam engine en route from Ringwood Registry office whilst following the wedding car back to Beaulieu.

As we were photographing the bride and groom in Beaulieu there were many old cars passing by!

This was shot through our car windscreen when we were following the bride and groom
from Ringwood Registry Office back to the wedding breakfast in Beaulieu.
And then there's the lovely old fashioned roses, so beautiful at this time of year and make wonderful wedding bouquets.
And the truth is that whatever you want and envisage for your wedding day photographs we will make sure you get it.  We meet up with you to discuss and listen to your requirements.  When meeting up with us why not cut out those pics in magazines that you have been looking at, bring them along to your consultation and let us make sure your wishes come true.

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