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Saturday, 5 March 2011

How Do You Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Lots of wedding photographers to choose from and lots of guests with great cameras.

How do you choose?  

So why should you choose us to be your wedding photographers?

It takes a lot of hard work to master a craft.  In fact, it takes a lifetime!

It is possible to buy all singing, all dancing cameras these days but just as you need to learn a trade you need to learn how to take professional wedding photographs.

Our journey in photography began many, many years ago, when we were kids, my father being a talented wedding photographer in his day.

Getting the shot whatever the weather or light

In those days using film and developing his own photographs in his darkroom.  In fact he still shares his wisdom with me now.  Even though things have moved on since his time, the basics of knowing light and which aperture and shutter settings to use on camera in order to get the shot whatever the weather, indoors/outdoors never change!
We, of course, had to learn, too, the new age of digital and how to use photoshop to process photographs from RAW to JPEG.  I am very proud to say since going digital, I have received my qualification with the British Institute of Professional Photographers and qualified up to Level II in Digital Imaging.

It's NOT just about taking photographs

and uploading them to computer and burning to a CD!

We spend days after a wedding selecting the best out of hundreds of images, and post production on those selected giving you the best story telling photographs of your wedding day.
Because of the time taken over each wedding, we work on a select number of weddings a year to ensure you get the time you deserve on your wedding photography.

Photos that help you relive your wedding day

Our wedding photography is not about us - we don't shoot weddings for us to show how clever we are - we shoot weddings for you, to show how beautiful you are, what an amazing time you had.  We ensure you have photographs to be proud of and hand down through the generations.

Wedding photography packages

You get the wedding package you need, no hidden extras or surprises.

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