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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Love is in the air for Hampshire Wedding Photographers

I can see the Spring bulbs just popping their heads up in the hope that the frosts are over!  I wonder?  Well, in any case Spring will soon be here and the wedding Season will be in full swing!
Love is in the air
And talking about Spring reminded me of this lovely couple!
Two people in love have a glow about them, and a presence when they walk into a room stronger than anything else in the world!  It is magnetic! It makes your heart tingle and I really, really want to capture that depth of feeling in photography!  This is what happened when I saw this couple!  They were shopping and I could feel the love they felt for each other, they just couldn't stop touching each other and cuddling!  So much so that I couldn't take my eyes off them (think they thought I was a stalker!)  Bravely and rather cheekily I gave them a business card and asked them to give me a call as I wanted to capture what they had on camera!  They did call me and I got some of the most wonderful love on camera that I could ever have asked for!  Fab!
So be warned - I am out there looking for more couples in love! Or you could just call me and save me looking (and stalking!)
Call Jan on 01590 610549 or 07702 078250 or Email Me  Come on give me some loving! :)

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