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"Thank you so much! We love all our photographs! We have just watched the DVD for the tenth time! I just want to cry! It makes you remember the tiny bits you've forgotten and the precious moments you will never have again! Just amazing!" Rachael and Steven

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New Forest and Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Have you chosen your music for your first dance?  It may be something that reminds you of your first date, or a song that has become more special to the two of you since you have known each other.
For this couple it was I Promise You by Michael Bolton.
I will promise you, yes I promise to
Love you for all your life
Love you every day and night
I will always be there for you
I'll be in your arms, you'll be in my heart

I'll love you forever, I promise you
We'll be together, our whole life through
There's nothin' that I, I wouldn't do
With all of my heart, I promise you

I will take your hand, and I'll understand
Share all your hopes and dreams
Show you what love can mean
Whenever life just gets too much for you
I'll be by your side, to dry the tears you cry

It was a very special and poignant moment and you could see the couple were totally focused on one another and oblivious to the little children watching them wide eyed from the floor!

Just so sweet and sometimes I have to admit brings a tear to my eye!  Weddings are full of love, laughter, emotion and joy and it is an absolute privilege for us to be wedding photographers and be part of these very special occasions and celebrations.

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