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Monday, 6 September 2010

The Natural Confetti Company to the rescue!

Once again the lovely organic Natural Confetti company in Devon come to the rescue!
Whilst I was taking photographs of the bride getting ready on Saturday at Elmers Court one of the family members walked into the room and Mum says 'did you bring the confetti?'  'Oh no' he says 'the one thing I was asked to bring and I forgot'  looking at me??? he says 'do you know where I can get any confetti?' 'Well actually I have some in my camera bag' I said and pulled out a white envelope containing confetti!  Shock horror on Mum's face - and I read her mind - it obviously was not enough!(bearing in mind it was now less than an hour to go before the wedding!)  'Well as a matter of fact' I said 'I know where I can get some more'!  A look of relief washed over his and her face 'As we are local photographers and only live in Lymington, about 8 minutes away from Elmers Court  and as there are two of us, {my partner was at this point taking pics of the groom, ushers and best man) - one of us will go home and pick up some Natural Confetti.  Well obviously I nominated my partner for this and called him on the mobile!  So he ventured back home through all the holiday traffic which, if you know Lymington, also includes the renowned Lymington Market traffic on a Saturday!  And he returned with a large bag of confetti (reminder to self to buy some more for the next emergency!)
Well, of course, we can't have a story without a picture!  This one, however, is from a previous wedding where our emergency bag of confetti came to the rescue!

Wedding pics from Elmers Court will be published once the bride and groom have returned from honeymoon and viewed them!

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