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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New Forest Photographers in Ringwood and Beaulieu

Well, there we were at Goodwood Revival on Friday chilly and in warm clothes. So, of course, we were ready with our Autumn wedding clothes for our wedding photography the next day....ah no don't be silly our English weather changed again!
So on Saturday morning when we thought we were prepared to do the wedding photography, it turned out really hot! We always prepare the night before a wedding, well that's the plan anyway. Not so on this occasion, our wonderful English weather is always full of surprises... so we quickly ironed our summer linens .... loaded the car with all our camera equipment and off to Pennington to do our 'getting ready' shots!

Wow what a wonderful cottage in Pennington! Just a lovely place and great photo opportunities!

After Pennington, off to Ringwood Registry Office to capture the groom and best man, and guests arriving. Then, of course, the bride, who arrived on time, much to the satisfaction of not only the groom but the Registrar too as the road was going to be closed for the Ringwood Carnival! Yes, we all managed to get away before the road closed! Whew!

Then back to the Beaulieu river where we managed to find a space without people for some stunning photography of the bride and groom (oh and a donkey who was determined to get in the shot!)

And finally to the grounds of a lovely house in Beaulieu for the wedding breakfast.

It was a lovely sunny day and we had the privilege once again of photographing a happy couple and some very happy, smiley people. :0)

Images to follow after the return of the bride and groom from their honeymoon.

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